Friday, April 10, 2020

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One of the saddest stories from the coronavirus pandemic comes from Iran. As of Friday, there had been 53,000 cases and 3,300 deaths. But, adding to the country's misery, hundreds of people have died after drinking methanol as a “remedy”. It illustrates the danger of a panicked response to the virus. Most of our other stories revolve around the crisis as well.

We'll be taking a break next week for the Easter holiday. See you later in the month. 

Michael Cook  
Editor, BioEdge 

Michael Cook
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US health official reminds states that triage cannot trump civil rights
by Michael Cook | Apr 05, 2020
‘Our civil rights laws protect the equal dignity of every human life from ruthless utilitarianism’

Iran’s coronavirus disaster compounded by fake remedy
by Michael Cook | Apr 05, 2020
Bootleg methanol kills and blinds

New York legalises commercial surrogacy
by Michael Cook | Apr 05, 2020
Bill passes almost unnoticed in pandemic panic

What does it mean to be ‘vulnerable’?  
by Michael Cook | Apr 05, 2020
‘The Lancet’ warns that draconian measures can harm the poor

Has WHO blotted its copybook by being too cosy with China?
by | Apr 05, 2020
WHO has neglected the negative externalities of social distancing

Abortion battles continue in the fog of war on Covid-19
by Michael Cook | Apr 05, 2020
While the public is distracted

More caution needed in coronavirus reporting
by Michael Cook | Apr 05, 2020
The media shouldn’t extrapolate from a few remarks

Three political philosophies, and how they apply to the coronavirus pandemic
by Xavier Symons | Apr 05, 2020
Ethics is proving increasingly relevant to the coronavirus crisis.

Should we ban wet markets?
by Xavier Symons | Apr 04, 2020
Commentators say wet-markets are unethical and a danger to humanity.
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