Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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In 1978 Tom Beauchamp and James Childress published their milestone textbook, Principles of Biomedical Ethics. Over at the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, they're throwing a birthday party and reviewing those legendary principles of respect for autonomy, beneficence, non-malificence, and justice which have been the backbone of bioethics education ever since.

But it is a 40th birthday party, so perhaps it's also time for a mid-life crisis. And right on schedule arrives 'black bioethics'. Keisha Ray argues that younger and more diverse bioethicists are sick and tired of seeing their concerns about injustice and racial inequality sideliined by establishment figures. Will this lead to the crumbling of an already fractured discipline? 

Michael Cook
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‘Black bioethics’ emerging as a rebellion against conventional bioethics
by Michael Cook | Aug 08, 2020
The field is splintering into many different factions

More evidence of correlation between transgender and autism in UK study
by Michael Cook | Aug 08, 2020
Transgender adults are six times more likely to be diagnosed as autistic

Disabled girl at centre of surrogacy case dies
by Michael Cook | Aug 08, 2020
Defying predictions, she had a happy life

Disability rights groups protest death of man in Texas hospital
by Michael Cook | Aug 08, 2020
What about the equal dignity of the disabled?

With Covid-19, the world needs more ‘infodemiologists’
by Michael Cook | Aug 08, 2020
Combatting a crisis in medical information on the internet

Trump’s foetal tissue review panel is ‘stacked’, say opponents
by Michael Cook | Aug 08, 2020
Ten out of 15 oppose abortion

Father dragged from dying daughter’s bedside in UK intensive care ward
by Xavier Symons | Aug 08, 2020
Shocking footage has emerged of a father being forcibly removed from a UK ICU ward by police.

Regenerative clinics: strong language from FDA
by Patrick Foong | Aug 08, 2020
American regulators get tough

There is a bright side. If you catch Covid-19, you’ve missed out on bubonic plague
by Michael Cook | Aug 08, 2020
For a real epidemic, read ‘The Betrothed’
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