Making compulsory euthanasia look good

Hi there,

Way down at the bottom of the newsletter is a brief article from Australia. It’s a YouTube clip from “The Gruen Transfer”, a popular TV show about the world of advertising agencies. One of its features is “The Pitch” in which two agencies compete to create ad for unsellable products. In the past these have included whale meat, tourism in Baghdad, an invasion of New Zealand, bottled urine, child labour, housing built in the shadow of a nuclear reactor and so on. You get the idea: good taste and deference to conventional pieties are not high on the producers’ shopping list.

Recently “The Pitch” featured two advertisements for compulsory euthanasia. The agencies came up with two slogans: “Compulsory euthanasia at 80. The issue is very much alive” and “Australasia for euthanasia: let’s all go by 80”. The amazing thing was how persuasive they were. They pulled at the heartstrings and just for a moment made me feel that popping a Peaceful Pill was the decent thing to do.

Check them out.

Michael Cook


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