Disabilities and assisted suicide

Speeches by supporters of assisted suicide always include a big shout-out for people with disabilities. Hey, guys, you’re top on our list of favs; we’re just working out the delicate balance against individual rights. Just hang in there; we love youse all. Which, translated, means that the fears of people with disabilities will be overlooked.

Unsurprisingly, a major authoritative report by the US National Council on Disabilities, a federal agency, on disability and assisted suicide has been almost totally ignored by the media. Assisted Suicide Laws and Their Danger to People with Disabilities is a scathing analysis of arguments in favour of assisted suicide. As the report – which was released on Wednesday -- points out: “Many national disability rights organizations oppose the legalization of assisted suicide. All national groups that have taken a position are opposed.”

Isn’t anyone listening? (See the article below.)


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