apologies for last week’s no-show

February 12, 2010

Hi there,

We are slowing implementing some improvements to BioEdge and the BioEdge newsletter. Please visit the site to see a fresh layout for the articles, which is clearer and more attractive – at least I hope so! Further changes are on the way, too.

We are also trying to increase our coverage. There is so much to report that we have winnow the most interesting and relevant material  from a large number of newspaper and journal articles. This involves judgements about what is most important. If you feel that we are missing something significant, please contact me with your ideas.

We also want to encourage comments. Few areas are more contentious than bioethics and it would be good to see an intelligent exchange of views on the site. Just click on the link below each article. 

Finally, I must apologise for missing a newsletter last week. Part of the reason was personal business – we’ll try to plan better from now on. But the site was also attacked by Chinese hackers who filled it with “malware”. It took several days to purge the innards of the site.

Till next time,

Michael Cook
Editor, BioEdge


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