Who’s your daddy? New Yorker offers mobile tests

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If there’s DNA, there’s a test. If there’s a test, there’s money. In the best entrepreneurial New Yorker spirit, Jared Rosenthal is running a mobile DNA paternity lab in the city’s five boroughs. He sells quick, reliable tests for men who want to know whether a child is theirs or not and children who want to know whether mom and dad are really related to them. Rosenthal told ABC News:

“DNA really gets at a person’s identity, it gets to the core of their identity, who your parents are, who your children are, how you define yourself ethnically and culturally. The RV [truck] is a little more intimate than a clinic, clients tend to talk more they tell us things, we experience some of these life-changing moments with them.”

He also does drug testing in his brown and white truck emblazoned with the words “who’s your daddy?” He does about 100 tests a month. The service costs US$299, or $425 per couple, and $100 for each additional person. Mr Rosenthal has five people on his staff and 10 contractors who do mobile collecting. 

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