Two bizarre IVF tales

A New York woman has been granted permission to harvest sperm from her husband’s body after he committed suicide – and a convicted Spanish terrorist couple are having IVF treatment in prison.

Victoria Chege, of Manhattan, appealed to the court to permit the procedure after her husband committed suicide on Monday in Connecticut. She said she doesn’t want his death to interfere with their desire for starting a family. Ms Chege said that if the procedure was a success, the sperm would be given to a surrogate who is a friend of the family. Doctors are doubtful as to the odds of success, because of the amount of time that has passed since her husband’s death.

Meanwhile, convicted ETA terrorists Fernando Garcia Jodra, 40, and his girlfriend Nerea Bengoa Zarisolo, 39, have applied for IVF treatment from prison. The couple are being held in separate prisons, and are only allowed to communicate via checked and censored letters. However, under Spanish law the couple have the right to apply for IVF treatment while imprisoned. If they conceive a child it will remain with the mother until it is at least 3 years old.

Angeles Pedraza, president of the Victims of Terrorism Association, said the treatment was unacceptable. “This is a kick in the face for the victims,” she said. “How many families have been destroyed by ETA’s barbarity? The only family unity they can enjoy is to go to the cemetery to remember their dead.” ~ AP, Oct 16;, Oct 2


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