FDA green-lights more 23andMe genetic tests

Assisted suicide goes down in Hawaii

Surrogate ‘slave’ scandal in US

Texans debate ‘therapeutic privilege’ for ob-gyn doctors

New bill may give employers a mandate solicit genetic information

Assisted dying battle continues in US legislatures

The gene-editing debate just got more complicated

Calling Hollywood: have we got a script for you!

US report gives cautious green light to gene editing

House committee votes against DC assisted suicide law

Trump SCOTUS Nominee is ‘bioethicist’

Should doctors talk about Trump’s mental health?

More gay couples using surrogates in US

Marijuana debate continues in US

Will Donald Trump make bioethics great again?

Planned Parenthood prepares for defunding after Trump’s election

Marijuana and assisted dying winners in US election

Abortion by prescription now rivals surgery in US

Washington DC votes to legalise euthanasia

Does IVF actually work for women over 40?

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