Research Ethics

When stem cell treatments go wrong, they really go wrong

Why the media need to tread carefully when reporting research findings

Gin and bear it

‘Testing in the East’: an episode in Cold War bioethics

The ugly legacy of Nazi doctors resurfaces

Deliberately infecting healthy patients still happens—ethically

Hackers download OkCupid data without consent

Testing anti-paedophilia drugs

Sanitizing the language of clinical trials

The Experimenter’s pessimism

New research ethics guidelines planned for US

Animal research ethics in question

Thalidomide scandal continues to reverberate

Drug giant appoints bioethicist to head compassionate use panel

Even for Ebola, unproven treatments are dicey, say bioethicists

Have some American homeless become lab rats?

Bioethicists defend ‘manipulative’ Facebook study

‘Treat researchers with contempt’: new animal rights advert

Concern in UK over new medical experimentation bill

Stem-cell apologies multiply with admission from Nobel Prize winner

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