Brain scans could replace SATs in 20 years

Research misconduct “widespread” in Chinese science: comment

US to curtail chimpanzee research after report

Cloning in Korea

Questions over clinical trials in India

Marketing and science clash in Gardasil debate

Chimpanzee hepatitis C research in the firing line

Patients in vegetative state are often misdiagnosed: study

Dutch “Lord of the Data” forged dozens of studies: report

Researchers grow vertebrae, colon stem cells

Bioethics commission rules Guatemalan STD research unethical

Scientists credited on ghostwritten research “should be charged with fraud”

US proposes rule changes for research on human subjects

Call for renewal of bioethics in military

Call for head of US bioethics commission to step down

Researchers question research ethics regulation system

Should last remaining known smallpox virus be destroyed?

Is most medical research wrong?

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