Genetic Engineering

Three-parent babies green-lighted in the UK

Everything you wanted to know about genetic engineering in one chirpy video

Genetically-engineered teenage angst

We need debate on germline modification, says leading UK scientist

Scientists discuss synthetic human genome behind closed doors

A pro-life case for altering the genome

Crispr will lead to designer babies, says geneticist

Is there a difference between genetic engineering and eugenics?

Somerville vs Savulescu on gene editing

Summit fails to ban genetic engineering of human embryos

Debate begins over ethics of genetic editing

Gene editing technique makes pig organ transplants possible

China ignites debate over genetic engineering

CRISPR technology brings precise genetic editing – and raises ethical questions

UK scientists call for debate on designer babies

Is it ethical to grow human organs in pigs?

Should we eliminate all suffering in the world?

New technique could lead to “risky eugenics”, says IVF pioneer

Is the UK too quick on the draw about 3-parent babies?

Dan Brown’s latest thriller tackles transhumanism

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