Canadian bioethicists call for organ donor euthanasia

Finland set to debate euthanasia

American Psychiatric Association takes historic stand on assisted suicide and euthanasia

Euthanasia in Alberta seems to be accelerating

Nitschke ramps up campaign for unrestricted suicide

Doctor and nurse turn killers in Italian hospital

Interview: Philip Nitschke on life in the Netherlands

Doctors association refuses to back euthanasia in Australia

Death from the skies

Netherlands offers euthanasia for alcoholics

Assisted suicide narrowly defeated in South Australia

Euthanasia in Canada: looking back, looking forward

Religious views and the euthanasia debate

Quebec euthanasia deaths soar to three times expected figure

Washington DC votes to legalise euthanasia

Nurse charged with eight counts of murder

Dutch will probably legalise assisted dying for people tired of living

Echoes of California in Australian euthanasia campaign

Cotard’s Syndrome and bioethics

DC debates euthanasia

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