Conscientious Objection

British child must be vaccinated, court rules

Swedish midwife fights for her conscience rights

Is climate change denial a crime?

The battle over conscientious objection continues

Desperate times call for … rationing conscience

Oderberg on contraceptives, abortion and cooperation in wrongdoing

Are tribunals the solution to disruptive conscientious objectors?

Leading bioethics editors attack conscientious objection

Has Obamacare created a “transgender mandate”?

Bioethicists challenge right to conscientious objection

Savulescu calls for ban on doctors’ conscientious objection

UK Parliament to study freedom of conscience for doctors over abortions

Big fallout from Little Sisters case

Why should we respect conscientious objectors?

Nurses have a human right to be good Catholics

The unsettled status of conscientious objection in the UK

Canadian ethicists prepare for the worst

Complications of “effective referral”

Canadian doctors should not be forced to refer for euthanasia, says association

US should stop physician participation in detainee force-feeding, say ethicists

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