Assisted Suicide

Ohio makes assisted suicide a felony

American Psychiatric Association takes historic stand on assisted suicide and euthanasia

Euthanasia in Alberta seems to be accelerating

Nitschke ramps up campaign for unrestricted suicide

Victoria to debate assisted suicide

Behind US assisted suicide stats

Interview: Philip Nitschke on life in the Netherlands

Doctors association refuses to back euthanasia in Australia

Death from the skies

Assisted suicide narrowly defeated in South Australia

California prepares for assisted suicide of patients in mental hospitals

Marijuana and assisted dying winners in US election

Quebec euthanasia deaths soar to three times expected figure

Steep increase in Swiss assisted suicide

Fighting over Brittany’s legacy

A woman on borrowed time opposes California’s assisted suicide

Words matter in assisted suicide

Could it become too expensive to ask for assisted suicide?

Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu backs assisted suicide in District of Columbia

Save the date: November 2 is World Right to Die Day

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