Texans debate ‘therapeutic privilege’ for ob-gyn doctors

Fears of Indian gendercide after fetuses found in sewer

A halfway house in the conscientious objection debate

Rara avis in terris: a new abortion argument

Swedish midwife fights for her conscience rights

Is ‘financial abortion’ an idea whose time has come?

Another abortion battle in Texas, this time over how to dispose of tissue

Scotland could offer Northern Irish women free abortions

Planned Parenthood prepares for defunding after Trump’s election

Bill to restrict disability-selective abortion progresses in House of Lords

A landmark case transforms informed consent in the UK

Abortion by prescription now rivals surgery in US

Clinton v. Trump on Roe v. Wade

Abortion debate continues in Poland

Oderberg on contraceptives, abortion and cooperation in wrongdoing

Leading bioethics editors attack conscientious objection

The eternal return of the infanticide debate

Are abortions for cleft palate rising in the UK?

US judiciary rolls back pro-life reforms

Rethinking disability and procreation

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