One way to beat the ‘obesity apocalypse’

A leading doctor has called for a hundred-fold increase in government-funded bariatric surgery for teenagers as the only way to save the United Kingdom from an “obesity apocalypse”.

Professor Russell Viner, the new president of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said that this would be the only way to save them from the “vicious cycle” of a poor diet and bad health.

He also called for a ban on TV advertisements selling unhealthy foods before 9pm and school inspections to assess how they help pupils' health.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Professor Viner said: 

“There are two great epidemics affecting our children and young people - obesity and mental health problems, and in some ways they are linked. In a sense they are new horsemen of the apocalypse. We used to have famine, pestilence and so forth - famine now we've largely conquered and now we have the opposite problem - that of feast.”

Professor Viner told the media:

“Becoming overweight or obese is easy, especially in 21st century Britain. Portion sizes have creeped up and unhealthy food and drink is promoted everywhere – on the streets, on television, social media and on in shops – and it is at rock bottom prices. We need a culture that promotes healthy living. We strongly urge Government to go bold with their new obesity strategy.”

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