ODD SPOT: IVF becomes reality TV gimmick

In what its critics have termed the "sickest ever reality show", a British production company is planning a sperm race in which a human egg is fertilised live on television. In "Make Me a Mum", a woman will take fertility drugs to produce eggs and 1,000 men will compete for the privilege of having their sperm selected. The sperm of two finalists -- a man selected by the mum-to-be on the basis of sex appeal, wealth, fitness and personality and a man selected by scientific experts -- will race to create a baby.

The production company, Brighter Pictures, is owned by the company which produces Big Brother. Its creative director, Remy Blumenfeld, defended his concept. "There's a tremendous amount of science to this show. It's fascinating. It's much more about the rules of the science than the rules of attraction."


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