OctoMom’s doctor may lose licence

Dr Michael KamravaThe fertility doctor who treated Octomom, the California woman who gave birth to octuplets last year, is in danger of losing his license. The California Medical Board alleges that Dr Michael Kamrava acted "beyond reasonable judgment" by helping Nadya Suleman. He implanted 6 embryos when the official guidelines state that doctors should implant only 2. The board also says that he should have referred Ms Suleman, who now has 14 IVF children, to a mental health professional, presumably because of her obsessive interest in having IVF children.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine expelled Dr Kamrava last year, but he still retained his certificate to practice. Ms Suleman defended her doctor on an internet video and asked who would treat her if she were to want even more babies ~ London Times, Jan 5; Time, Jan 5


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