OctoMom’s doctor facing deregistration

Beverly Hills fertility specialist Dr Michael Kamrava.

The Medical Board of California is considering whether to deregister the IVF doctor who treated Nadya Suleman, better known as OctoMom. She gave birth to octuplets in January last year after Michael Kamrava, a doctor in Beverly Hills, implanted embryos in her womb. She already had 6 IVF children. He has been charged with "grossly negligent" treatment of Ms Suleman and another patient.

Deputy Attorney General Judith Alvarado has tried to prove that implanting multiple embryos is not standard care in contemporary IVF treatment. Apparently Dr Kamrava transferred 12 embryos which resulted in the octuplets. Dr Victor Y. Fujimoto, an expert witness and director of the University of California San Francisco IVF Program, said "I cannot imagine any colleague of mine transferring that many embryos.”

Apparently Ms Suleman requested that 12 embryos be transferred, but Dr Fujimoto said that Dr Kamrava should have refused because it was dangerous and because she was clearly psychologically unstable. ~ AP, Oct 18

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