Xavier Symons

Xavier Symons is a Masters student in philosophy at Sydney University and has a keen interest in bioethics. Aside from his studies he enjoys playing guitar and reading American literature. He has contributed to a number of online publications, in addition to his work with BioEdge.

Xavier Symons | 22 Mar 2013 |
tags: anthrax, children, informed consent, vaccination
The threat of bioterrorism is terrifying thought, and the US government is set on minimizing any risk. But should they go as far as testing a potent anthrax vaccine on young children?

Xavier Symons | 22 Mar 2013 |
tags: assisted suicide, Canada, euthanasia
In the most controversial Canadian bioethics case in years, a British Columbia court has heard that outlawing euthanasia is akin to torture.

Xavier Symons | 21 Mar 2013 |
tags: abortion, China, one-child policy
There have been over 336 million abortions in China since the since 1971, according to data released by the Chinese Health Department.

Xavier Symons | 17 Mar 2013 |
tags: antibiotics, epidemics
Antibiotic resistance is as grave a threat as terrorism or climate change, according to Britain’s Chief Medical Officer.

Xavier Symons | 17 Mar 2013 |
tags: regenerative medicine, stem cells
Rare stem cells extracted from adult breast tissue are pluripotent and can become most cell types, researchers at the University of California at San Francisco have found.

Xavier Symons | 16 Mar 2013 |
tags: abortion, Arkansas, fetal heartbeat, North Dakota
More battles on the abortion front in the US in North Dakota and Arkansas.

Xavier Symons | 16 Mar 2013 |
tags: assisted suicide, Australia, Philip Nitschke
More and more Australians are importing the illegal lethal drug pentobarbitone from overseas as a way of committing suicide.

Xavier Symons | 16 Mar 2013 |
tags: Australia, egg donation, IVF
An Australian fertility clinic, Monash IVF, has taken the radical step of importing eggs from the US, at a cost of A$19,000 per package.

Xavier Symons | 8 Mar 2013 |
tags: birth defects, IVF
Children conceived using assisted reproductive technology (ART) are far more likely to have birth defects, according to an article in Human Reproduction Update.

Xavier Symons | 7 Mar 2013 |
tags: commercialization, surrogacy
A Connecticut couple offered their surrogate mother US$10,000 to abort their baby because it had major defects.

Xavier Symons | 3 Mar 2013 |
tags: India, population control, sterilization
Earlier this month four doctors in a West Bengal public hospital performed up to 106 sterilization operations in a single day, with hospital staff dumping patients in a nearby field to recover.

Xavier Symons | 3 Mar 2013 |
tags: health risks, IVF
A new study has found that IVF does not increase a women’s likelihood of developing breast or endometrial cancer.

Xavier Symons | 22 Feb 2013 |
tags: abortion, disability, UK
The UK parliament has begun a controversial new inquiry into abortion on the grounds of disability.

Xavier Symons | 22 Feb 2013 |
tags: down syndrome, forced sterilization, sterilization, uk
There is a growing push for greater rights for Down syndrome people – in particular that they be fully protected from forced sterilisation. A landmark ruling by a UK court may have brought this goal one step closer.

Xavier Symons | 22 Feb 2013 |
tags: euthanasia, Quebec
Some Quebec doctors are beginning to fight back against a drive for legalised euthanasia.

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