Xavier Symons

Xavier Symons is a Masters student in philosophy at Sydney University and has a keen interest in bioethics. Aside from his studies he enjoys playing guitar and reading American literature. He has contributed to a number of online publications, in addition to his work with BioEdge.

Xavier Symons | 26 Sep 2013 |
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
New data from regional euthanasia regulatory committees indicate that euthanasia rates in the Netherlands rose 13% in the last year (to 4188).

Xavier Symons | 26 Sep 2013 |
tags: elder abuse, end-of-life care
A 26-year-old Australian man has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for neglecting his duties towards his dying mother

Xavier Symons | 21 Sep 2013 |
tags: assisted suicide, Stephen Hawking
After 50 years of enduring motor neuron disease, physicist Stephen Hawking, 71, has endorsed assisted suicide -- for other people.

Xavier Symons | 21 Sep 2013 |
tags: Australia, surrogacy
The number of Australians using commercial surrogacy in India has grown dramatically over the past five years.

Xavier Symons | 21 Sep 2013 |
tags: mitochondrial replacement
A paper published this week in the journal Science questioned the safety an IVF procedure designed to prevent mitochondrial diseases in children.

Xavier Symons | 21 Sep 2013 |
tags: iPS cells, stem cells
Israeli researchers have made a major breakthrough in the search for an efficient method of producing induced pluripotent stem cells.

Xavier Symons | 14 Sep 2013 |
tags: informed consent, legal responsibility, serontins
One of the more interesting films released this year has been Steven Soderbergh's psychological thriller Side Effects.

Xavier Symons | 14 Sep 2013 |
tags: abandoned embryos, IVF
The heated discussion over IVF embryo disposal continues in the US and Canada.

Xavier Symons | 14 Sep 2013 |
tags: China, organ donation
Strong criticisms have been levelled at 'reforms' to the organ trade currently being carried out by the Chinese government.

Xavier Symons | 14 Sep 2013 |
tags: assisted suicide, NEJM, US
An on-line poll of readers of the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the majority of American doctors are against physician-assisted suicide (PAS)

Xavier Symons | 7 Sep 2013 |
tags: Belgium, euthanasia, organ donation
With a shortage of organ donors in Europe, Belgian doctors have a novel solution: patients with unbearable suffering donate their organs after voluntary euthanasia.

Xavier Symons | 7 Sep 2013 |
tags: Caesarean sections, professional conduct
The rate of Caesarean sections in the US may be high because it is more profitable for doctors

Xavier Symons | 7 Sep 2013 |
tags: internet addiction
A US hospital has become the first of its kind to offer a treatment program dealing with internet addiction.

Xavier Symons | 7 Sep 2013 |
tags: abortion
With the introduction of radical new abortion restrictions in the US, abortion clinics have been closing at a record rate.

Xavier Symons | 7 Sep 2013 |
tags: genetic testing, sports
Journalist Malcolm Gladwell asks whether sport is really a competition, or whether it is simply a matter of 'genetic luck'.

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