Xavier Symons

Xavier Symons is a Masters student in philosophy at Sydney University and has a keen interest in bioethics. Aside from his studies he enjoys playing guitar and reading American literature. He has contributed to a number of online publications, in addition to his work with BioEdge.

Xavier Symons | 18 Jan 2020 |
tags: canada, euthanasia, institutional conscientious objection, maid
A small hospice in British Columbia may lose funding over its MAiD policy.

Xavier Symons | 10 Nov 2019 |
tags: informed consent, ivf, ivf consent, ivf finance
IVF experts have criticised fertility clinics for marketing expensive additional therapies

Xavier Symons | 10 Nov 2019 |
tags: abortion, conscience, conscientious objection, euthanasia, hippocratic oath
A leading ethics journal has published a feature issue on conscientious objection

Xavier Symons | 3 Nov 2019 |
tags: common morality, georgetown mantra, history of bioethics, principlism
The Principles of Biomedical Ethics is unrivaled in its influence.

Xavier Symons | 3 Nov 2019 |
tags: 14 day rule, ectogenesis, embryo experimentation
Two research teams in China have grown primate embryos in vitro for 20 days.

Xavier Symons | 27 Oct 2019 |
tags: consent, dementia, euthanasia, law, netherlands
Dutch EAS doctors use past statements to determine what demented patients want.

Xavier Symons | 20 Oct 2019 |
tags: direct to consumer, genetic determinism, genetic testing, same-sex attraction
The app tests for a genetic predisposition for SSA.

Xavier Symons | 13 Oct 2019 |
tags: canada, euthanasia, euthanasia for psychological suffering, law, maid
Trudeau will expand MAiD access if re-elected.

Xavier Symons | 9 Oct 2019 |
tags: euthanasia, euthanasia for psychological suffering, law, maid
Is there a meaningful difference between physical and psychological suffering?

Xavier Symons | 29 Sep 2019 |
tags: canada, depression, euthanasia, maid
The man's family allege that he was not eligible for MAiD.

Xavier Symons | 22 Sep 2019 |
tags: canada, catholic church, euthanasia, maid, nova scotia
A Catholic hospital in Nova Scotia has quietly changed its policy on euthanasia

Xavier Symons | 25 Aug 2019 |
tags: conscientious objection, daniel sulmasy, fiduciary duties, professional judgement
And how should we understand the idea of 'the patient's good'?

Xavier Symons | 24 Aug 2019 |
tags: commercial surrogacy, disability, surrogacy, ukraine
Children are being abandoned by their commissioning parents

Xavier Symons | 18 Aug 2019 |
tags: crispr, enhancement, gene editing, moral enhancement
AJOB explores the negative implications of altering the human genome.

Xavier Symons | 10 Aug 2019 |
tags: china, gene editing, he jiankui, research ethics
China plans to establish a national research ethics advisory committee.

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