Jared Yee

Jared Yee | 2 Jun 2012 |
tags: conscientious objection, UK
Doctors in the UK could be banned for refusing to give unmarried women contraceptives or carry out sex change operations under new guidelines.

Jared Yee | 26 May 2012 |
tags: public health
Tuberculosis patient Armando Rodriguez was urged multiple times to continue taking his tuberculosis medication.

Jared Yee | 26 May 2012 |
tags: IVF, law, US
Following up on a BioEdge story from last year, a woman whose child was born through posthumous conception was denied survivor benefits, in a US Supreme Court decision on Monday.

Jared Yee | 26 May 2012 |
tags: Bahrain, bioethics, Syria
Doctors in Syria and Bahrain risk arrest and prison for treating patients without fear or favour.

Jared Yee | 26 May 2012 |
tags: Israel, law, surrogacy
An Israeli Health Ministry committee has made some radical recommendations about fertility and birth policies last week, including allowing gay men to use a surrogate mother to conceive a child.

Jared Yee | 26 May 2012 |
tags: brain scans, research, US
By 2032, students' brain characteristics could be the deciding factor in whether they get into the college of their dreams, researcher Prof Richard Heier, of the University of California Irvine, says.

Jared Yee | 19 May 2012 |
tags: egg freezing, fertility, US
More and more baby-boomers, desperate to have grandchildren, are pushing daughters to freeze their eggs, the New York Times reports.

Jared Yee | 19 May 2012 |
tags: IVF, UK
Aggressive IVF treatments at clinics in the UK are putting women and babies at risk, experts say.

Jared Yee | 19 May 2012 |
tags: surrogacy, US
Misty Baker turned to a surrogate after ten years of fighting with infertility - and now Baker and her surrogate are both pregnant with twins.

Jared Yee | 18 May 2012 |
tags: IVF
Despite diagnoses of infertility, some couples who have sought fertility treatments find that they later have a baby naturally, according to a new French study.

Jared Yee | 18 May 2012 |
tags: genetic diseases, human drama, sperm donation, US
After many failed attempts at conceiving a second child, using many medical treatments, a doctor told Sharine and Brian Kretchmar to find a sperm donor.

Jared Yee | 5 May 2012 |
tags: Korea, stem cell research, stem cells
South Korea's stem cell research is bouncing back after the disgrace caused by researcher Hwang Woo-suk, whose work with stem cells proved to be fraudulent.

Jared Yee | 5 May 2012 |
tags: India, surrogacy
Many women in India who hire surrogates use fake tummies to keep the surrogacy a secret, the Times of India reports.

Jared Yee | 5 May 2012 |
tags: Facebook, organ donation, organ transplantation, US
The organ donation community applauded Facebook's announcement this week that it will allow its 900 million members to share their donor status with friends and family, and to link to state databases where Americans can sign up online to become donors.

Jared Yee | 5 May 2012 |
tags: assisted suicide, euthanasia, New Zealand, South Africa, suicide
Two cases of euthanasia in New Zealand have been used to push the legalisation agenda, with politicians agitating for legal change. Each has involved men who helped terminally ill family members to commit suicide.

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