Jared Yee

Jared Yee | 30 Nov 2012 |
tags: contraception, contraceptive pill, US
On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called on pediatricians in the US to provide advice to all adolescent patients about emergency contraception, and to prescribe it to girls under 17 in advance.

Jared Yee | 28 Nov 2012 |
tags: Bahrain, medical ethics, politics and bioethics
A court in Bahrain has sentenced 23 medical professionals to 3 months in prison each or payment of a fine for involvement in the pro-democracy protests of last year, according to the BBC.

Jared Yee | 28 Nov 2012 |
tags: assisted suicide, Dignitas, films
The controversial assisted suicide TV documentary “Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die”, presented by UK novelist and Alzheimer’s sufferer named in the title, has been awarded an International Emmy.

Jared Yee | 23 Nov 2012 |
tags: assisted reproduction, commercialization, IVF
Dr Ernest Zeringue, a California-based fertility specialist, has found a way to overcome the most common obstacle between prospective IVF parents and their offspring -- the high price.

Jared Yee | 14 Jul 2012 |
tags: Peter Singer
Peter Singer has been hailed as "one of the world's top 100 influential people" and one of "the most influential philosophers alive" and reviled as "a public advocate of genocide". But few articles have touched upon his personal life.

Jared Yee | 14 Jul 2012 |
tags: Osama bin Laden, US, vaccination
Did the assassination of Osama bin Laden have an unintended victim: the global campaign to eliminate polio?

Jared Yee | 14 Jul 2012 |
tags: adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells, iPS cells, stem cells
Stem cells from amniotic fluid can be converted into a more versatile state which is similar to human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), scientists said last week.

Jared Yee | 13 Jul 2012 |
tags: genetic diseases, genetic screening, genetic testing, Judaism, US
Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn are wrestling with the question of genetic testing -- and what should and should not be revealed to people who use it.

Jared Yee | 13 Jul 2012 |
tags: stem cell tourism, stem cells
Stem cell tourism may be on its last legs.

Jared Yee | 7 Jul 2012 |
tags: organ donation, organ market, US
A US appeals court has put the price of bone marrow at about US$3,000 in a ruling that now makes it legal to purchase bone marrow.

Jared Yee | 7 Jul 2012 |
tags: genetic screening, genetic tests, prenatal screening, prenatal testing
New genetic tests to screen unborn babies will not be 100% accurate and might worry parents into believing their child will be born with a disability when they are actually healthy, warns IVF expert and gadfly Lord Robert Winston.

Jared Yee | 6 Jul 2012 |
tags: hospital care, malpractice
A 22-year-old who died from dehydration while in hospital needed a drink of water so badly that he called the police from his bed for help, an inquest has been told.

Jared Yee | 6 Jul 2012 |
tags: artificial insemination, infertility, IVF
Five million "test tube babies" have been born to date, according to research estimates presented to a fertility conference this week.

Jared Yee | 30 Jun 2012 |
tags: circumcision, Germany
A state court decision in Cologne criminalising circumcision has sparked protest among Muslims and Jews for whom it is a religious duty.

Jared Yee | 30 Jun 2012 |
tags: euthanasia, locked-in syndrome, Twitter, UK
UK man Tony Nicklinson has suffered from locked-in syndrome since he had a massive stroke.

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