Michael Cook

Michael Cook likes bad puns, bushwalking and black coffee. He did a BA at Harvard University in the US where it was good for networking, but moved to Sydney where it wasn’t. He also did a PhD on an obscure corner of Australian literature. He has worked as a book editor and magazine editor and has published articles in magazines and newspapers in the US, the UK and Australia. Currently he is the editor of BioEdge, a newsletter about bioethics, and MercatorNet. He also writes a bioethics column for Australasian Science. 

Michael Cook | 17 Jun 2019 |
tags: sperm donation
Globally, the sperm donation industry is valued at more than US$3.5 billion

Michael Cook | 9 Jun 2019 |
tags: donald trump, fetal tissue research
Trump Administration backs the pro-life side of a long-standing controversy

Michael Cook | 9 Jun 2019 |
tags: angels of mercy, germany
We may never know how many

Michael Cook | 9 Jun 2019 |
tags: designer babies, he jiankui, human genome
It is still dangerous to introduce mutations into the human germline

Michael Cook | 9 Jun 2019 |
tags: assisted suicide, maine
The northeast state edges closer to legalising assisted suicide

Michael Cook | 9 Jun 2019 |
tags: genetic testing, misattributed paternity
What will they reveal about ‘misattributed paternity’?

Michael Cook | 9 Jun 2019 |
tags: kenya, surrogacy, surrogate motherhood
Poor, unregulated – what more could you want?

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2019 |
tags: abortion, eugenics, scotus
Clarence Thomas lectures the Court on eugenics and abortion

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2019 |
tags: china, falun gong, organ donation
A German academic says that Falun Gong members are being killed to supply a growing market

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2019 |
tags: conscience, conscientious objection, neurophilosophy
How will Patricia Churchland’s views affect the debate about conscientious objection?

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2019 |
tags: reproductive revolution, surrogacy
Hollywood actresses don’t want to hurt their careers

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2019 |
tags: euthanasia
Final Exit Network’s work is never done, even if assisted suicide is legalised

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2019 |
tags: transhumanism, zoltan istvan
The latest transhumanist prediction

Michael Cook | 26 May 2019 |
tags: end of life issues, euthanasia, terri schiavo, vincent lambert
The case of Vincent Lambert has split the nation

Michael Cook | 26 May 2019 |
tags: abuse of disabled, bbc
Patients with learning disabilities or autism were victims of staff

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