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Michael Cook likes bad puns, bushwalking and black coffee. He did a BA at Harvard University in the US where it was good for networking, but moved to Sydney where it wasn’t. He also did a PhD on an obscure corner of Australian literature. He has worked as a book editor and magazine editor and has published articles in magazines and newspapers in the US, the UK and Australia. Currently he is the editor of BioEdge, a newsletter about bioethics, and MercatorNet. He also writes a bioethics column for Australasian Science. 

Michael Cook | 17 Jun 2017 |
tags: ageing, demographic winter, demography, palliative care
New research shows that the need for palliative care could increase by 40% by 2040

Michael Cook | 17 Jun 2017 |
tags: autonomy, enlightenment, paul ramsey, principlism
Do we really need 'autonomy' to explain why people should be decently treated?

Michael Cook | 17 Jun 2017 |
tags: addyi, drug regulation, fda, hypoactive sexual desire disorder
How a public relations campaign made the FDA approve a bad drug

Michael Cook | 10 Jun 2017 |
tags: surrogacy, surrogate motherhood
Can you love having children too much?

Michael Cook | 10 Jun 2017 |
tags: india, surrogacy, surrogate motherhood
Anthropologist conducted interviews with commissioning parents and surrogate mothers

Michael Cook | 10 Jun 2017 |
tags: donor-conceived children, sperm donation
Do children really need to know?

Michael Cook | 10 Jun 2017 |
tags: disability, enhancement
The bittersweet feeling of seeing your disability disappear

Michael Cook | 3 Jun 2017 |
tags: aged care, ageing population, anti-ageing, parabiosis, peter thiel
Silicon Valley is interested

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2017 |
tags: anti-death projects, bioquark, transhumanism
Is it possible to revive brain-dead patients?

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2017 |
tags: cosmetic surgery, hackers, internet, lithuania, privacy
Threats to post them on-line unless if no money is forthcoming

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2017 |
tags: malfeasance, malpractice, surgery, uk
He performed hundreds of unnecessary operations, leaving patients traumatised and disfigured

Michael Cook | 2 Jun 2017 |
tags: assisted suicide, canada, euthanasia, new york times
New York Times gushes over Canadian medical assistance in dying

Michael Cook | 28 May 2017 |
tags: china, corruption, medical ethics, red envelopes
Is it corruption or a recognition of their dignity?

Michael Cook | 28 May 2017 |
tags: dna database, dna tests
A way to control dissidents

Michael Cook | 28 May 2017 |
tags: in vitro gametogenesis, stem cell ethics, stem cell research
The technology is unethical because it supports the false belief that genetic links are essential

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