Harvard admits research misconduct by morality expert

Mark HauserAfter a three-year investigation Harvard University has admitted that a renowned expert on the evolution of morality has engaged in scientific misconduct. Professor Marc Hauser, a popular lecturer, and an influential exponent of the neurological basis for human moral codes, is alleged to have been responsible for “eight instances of scientific misconduct”.

University authorities cited “problems involving data acquisition, data analysis, data retention, and the reporting of research methodologies and results” but gave few details. However, one of his research assistants told the Cronicle of Higher Education that “the professor was reporting bogus data and … aggressively pushed back against those who questioned his findings or asked for verification”.

Apparently his colleagues complained to the Universtiy when they noticed that Professor Hauser fabricated responses made by rhesus monkeys when he tested whether they could recognise speech patterns.

Professor Hauser told The New York Times, “I acknowledge that I made some significant mistakes”. He said that he was “deeply sorry for the problems this case had caused to my students, my colleagues and my university.” ~ New York Times, Aug 20  

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