Ferrtility doctor accused of using own sperm

A Connecticut fertility doctor has been accused of using his own sperm to impregnate a patient, who went on to have twin girls. The incident happened in 2002, but caused an uproar when it came to light recently.

The couple were immediately suspicious. Although the mother is Caucasian and the father African-American, the girls had a very light complexion. Dr Ben Ramaley, a obstetrician/gynecologist, eventually acknowledged that the patient had been given the wrong sperm. However, the couple also accused him of using his own sperm in their 2005 lawsuit. This was quickly settled out of court and a gag order was imposed. The doctor was fined US$10,000.

Although Ramaley denied being the biological father, he did not volunteer to have a paternity test and health officials failed to compel him to have one. "Their failure is inexplicable," said State Senator Andrew McDonald. "The failure to order that test appears to be part of a professional whitewash... It boggles your mind that the department would leave such profoundly disturbing circumstances unresolved."

However, other legislators have insisted that the law was ambiguous and that the State did not have the authority to order a test.-- Connecticut Post, Nov 15; London Telegraph, Nov 13

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