Fake Australian doctor wins job at top UK medical school

Vitomir ZepinicAn Australian man who has been convicted for pretending to be a doctor has conned his way into a job at one of the UK’s most prestigious medical schools. Despite being on a two-year good behaviour bond, Vitomir Zepinic has continued the deception by telling an international war crimes tribunal he has a degree in medicine.

Sarajevo-born Zepinic has lied repeatedly to Australian authorities about his training and presented false documents to medical boards. He has forged other medical practitioners’ signatures and created fake references in his attempts to practise as a psychiatrist. A Sydney magistrate in 2008 found the 57-year-old guilty of six counts of falsely holding himself out to be a doctor. He was placed on a good behaviour bond.

Last September he managed to score a senior position within the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. The school is internationally renowned for its teaching and research. It was not until February, five months after he got the job, that his conviction in Australia was brought to the medical school’s attention.

On March 1 he was confronted about having lied on his application and he resigned. “Since his departure the school has conducted a review of their recruitment procedures to ensure absolute scrutiny of qualifications occurs at interview stage by the chair of the interviewing panel,” a spokesman said. ~ SMH, Sept 27

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