Couple ordered to pay surrogate £568 per month for baby they’ll never see


Following up on a BioEdge story from February, a UK couple who lost their baby daughter to a surrogate mother have been ordered to pay more than £500 per month maintenance. After their agreement broke down during the pregnancy in early 2010, Mr and Mrs W allowed the woman to keep the baby and £4,500 that they had already given to her. Now the Child Support Agency has decided that Mr W, as the biological father, must pay maintenance. Mr W is furious and says that the surrogate has targeted him as a wealthy man from whom she could claim child support for 18 years. “We should have seen the signs when she started asking for more than we had agreed. I don’t think this was ever about her suddenly wanting to keep the baby, I think this was about getting an income.” The couple will appeal the decision. ~ Daily Mail, Apr 12

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