UK surrogacy mum wants maternity leave

A British woman who had a child by surrogacy has sued for paid maternity leave. The woman, who remains anonymous, alleging sex and maternity discrimination, has taken her case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to decide whether the British laws are consistent with European Union directives.

The court is expected to decide later this year. Natalie Gamble, a fertility law expert, said mothers who were pregnant or who have adopted are eligible for maternity leave under the existing law, but women who use surrogates are not covered. Stuart Walne, of Surrogacy UK, said disputes over maternity leave caused “trauma”.

The woman began work as a midwife sonographer for her employer in 2001. When her baby was born in August last year, she began breastfeeding the child soon after birth, something which can be brought about through hormone treatments and drugs. ~ London Telegraph, Mar 18

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