Surrogacy thrives in China, despite illegality

While surrogacy is illegal in China, it is booming under lax oversight. The Shanghai Daily reports that shady surrogacy companies which only reveal their location after a down-payment, have developed “baby-selling packages”. Surrogacy agency daiyunzj.com promised an undercover reporter posing as a customer that for 1 million yuan (US$150,000), the company would enlist 5-7 surrogate mothers and impregnate them with the customer’s sperm all at once, solely to ensure that at least one baby is a boy.

Daiyunzj.com said that for a baby of random gender would cost only about 150,000 yuan. A company official surnamed Wang said that female foetuses who are not wanted are aborted. If all babies are girls, the mothers have to keep getting pregnant after abortions, Wang says. In the more likely situation that two or more babies are male, the customer chooses a mother to carry the foetus to term, and the other babies are aborted. The customer might choose to “purchase extra babies, boys or girls”, Wang says, for 15,000 to 30,000 yuan each.

“What you have to do is to make sure that your sperms are active and pay the fees, then we supply the eggs and mothers to ensure that you have your son in two years,” said Wang. ~ Shanghai Daily, Oct 22

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