Adult stem cells publicised in new videos

You don't see many Youtube videos about cures from human embryonic stem cells nowadays. Many of the champions of hESCs have turned instead to a newer technology, induced pluripotent stem cells, which is less ethically controversial and seems more promising. The debate, in the public arena at least, has shifted away from miracle cures to whether freedom of research is a human right, and whether embryonic stem cells are a "gold standard" for stem cell research.

In the meantime, medical applications with adult stem cells have continued to forge ahead -- although, it must be emphasised, there are still no off-the-shelf treatments. Dr David Prentice, a biologist working with the Family Research Council, has produced a series of videos and a website to promote awareness of the potential benefits of adult stem cell research. The slick, powerful videos show cures or substantial improvements for three patients with spinal cord injury, sickle cell anaemia, and a degenerative skin disease. The website,, also has useful background information about adult stem cells for a lay audience.


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