Girls! Sell your eggs and enjoy the night life of Chennai!

No doubt about it. The fertility tourism industry is quick-footed and innovative. Taking advantage of India's role as a surrogacy hub, one IVF clinic is marketing the eggs of American coeds which will be fertilised (presumably) by their client's sperm and gestated by an Indian surrogate.

Proactive Family Solutions -- which has offices in Tampa, Florida, and Chennai, India -- is advertising for American college women who want to sell their eggs and have a holiday in India.

"In addition to monetary compensation, we give our donors a free trip to India where the egg retrieval takes place… The medical appointments won't take much time, which means your two weeks in India will be largely a vacation for you. You will have significant time to explore and absorb a fascinating culture as well as shop, tour and enjoy the night life."

The Center for Genetics and Society discovered an advertisement in the campus newspaper at Duke University. It says: "Egg donors needed to build families. Travel to India. Cash compensation and a 3 week trip to India planned around your academic schedule. Ages 20-29 only." The motivation for the surrogate mother is clearly commercial: "the sentiments about surrogacy in India are much different than in the United States. In India, women step forward to be surrogates because of the financial rewards." And best of all, it lists amongst the advantage of its scheme, "Indian surrogates have no desire to claim your child".

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