The industrial revolution in surrogacy

An Indian doctor cum businesswoman is looking to build the world’s biggest ‘baby factory’, a 110 bed hospital focused specifically on infertility treatment and surrogacy. Dr. Nayna Patel, who currently runs a large but poorly equipped surrogacy clinic, wants to provide a one-stop-shop for surrogate mothers and biological parents.

The hospital, to be commissioned in February next year, will be spread over four acres, with special dormitories to accommodate surrogate mothers, 25 rooms for IVF patients, 15 neo-natal ICUs and 40 special rooms for couples. The estimated cost is $8 million USD.

Dr. Patel wants the hospital to be a “family nest”, where biological parents, surrogate mothers and neo-natal children all live together as an integrated family. Patel intends for the hospital to be staffed largely by relatives and friends of the surrogates, so as to “improve the overall family atmosphere”. 

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