Simultaneous surrogates: India’s new trend

The Indian surrogacy industry keeps tweaking its product line to keep up with the market. The latest trend to emerge in the media is twiblings – children born at the same time to two surrogate mothers.

The BBC reports that a 35-year-old man and his 36-year-old wife went to India after a long struggle with infertility. They commissioned “twiblings” at the Corion clinic in Mumbai, but each of the women became pregnant with twins. So they will be taking home four children instead of two. The couple said that they would not contemplate foetal reduction (reducing the number of foetuses by selective abortion).

The unnamed couple say that they are grateful to the two women, but they do not intend to meet them. "She's doing a job for us, how often do you communicate with your builder or your gardener? "She'll get paid… we don't need to see her. As long as she's healthy and delivers my babies healthily, she's done a job for us," says the wife.

“Twiblings” would not be allowed in the UK, according to surrogacy lawyer Natalie Gamble. “Under the regulation of licensed fertility clinics, there are quite strict rules about how many embryos can be transferred and certainly you couldn't transfer embryos to two surrogates in the same cycle," she says.

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