Chinese couples using American surrogates to get residency

A new American import has become popular in mainland China - surrogate children born in the US. Wealthy Chinese couples are increasingly making use of US surrogate mothers, according to surrogacy agencies in both America and China.

The US option comes with various benefits: you can avoid the one-child policy, there are less risk of developmental complications, you can design your own baby, and most importantly the child can get US citizenship. Under the 14th Amendment, any person born on US soil is eligible for citizenship.

Many wealthy Chinese couples want to protect their own future as well. They worry the Communist Party will change its attitude towards the upper class. An American child will help them to obtain a green card and escape.

Surrogacy agencies in China are advertising precisely these features. "If you add in plane tickets and other expenses, for only $300,000, you get two children and the entire family can immigrate to the US," one surrogacy agent told Reuters.

Surrogacy laws in China are vague and overseas surrogacy is, technically, legal. Parents will, however, need to apply for visas and resident permits for their children to come to China, and may encounter difficulties. 

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