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Xavier Symons | 28 June 2020 | Link
tags: covid-19, icu, moral distress, moral injury, pandemics
Medical assocations have warned of the moral stress that COVID-19 can place on clinicians.

Xavier Symons | 21 June 2020 | Link
tags: biobanks, confidentiality, law
A new paper in the JME explores the ethics behind the forensic use of biobanks.

20 June 2020 | Link
tags: coronavirus, sweden
Patients given palliative care instead of treatment

20 June 2020 | Link
tags: black lives matter, defunding police
Bioethicists can help reset the way budgets are made

20 June 2020 | Link
tags: eugenics
A leading administrator has been sacked for his unpopular views

20 June 2020 | Link
tags: france, respect for cadavers
A national bioethical framework is needed for body donation  

20 June 2020 | Link
tags: demography, italy
​​​​​​​It includes a universal monthly allowance for children from the seventh month of pregnancy

Xavier Symons | 20 June 2020 | Link
tags: end of life care, euthanasia, law, voluntarily stopping eating and drinking, vsed
Ethicists are taking an interest in Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking.

13 June 2020 | Link
The pandemic has exposed the effects of ageism

13 June 2020 | Link
tags: transgenderism
J.K. Rowling comes out as trans sceptic

13 June 2020 | Link
In the wake of revulsion at the death of George Floyd, scientists and doctors vow to change

13 June 2020 | Link
tags: eugenics, university of southern california
Name and bust of Rufus Von KleinSmid removed

13 June 2020 | Link
tags: surrogacy, ukraine
There could be as many as 1000 babies

13 June 2020 | Link
tags: facial recognition technology, privacy
But is it just a public relations stunt?

13 June 2020 | Link
tags: coronavirus
Why are we all so polarised?

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