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13 October 2018 | Link
tags: reproduction, reproductive revolution
Chinese researchers create healthy mice from same-sex mothers

13 October 2018 | Link
tags: genetic privacy, privacy
'Forensic geneology' is of great interest to police

13 October 2018 | Link
tags: privacy, walmart
A patent for a biometric trolley raises questions

13 October 2018 | Link
tags: posthumanism, transhumanism
The Journal of Posthuman Studies examines trans and post-humanism

13 October 2018 | Link
tags: conscience, conscientious objection
Some argue it's about conscience; others say it's about real issues.

13 October 2018 | Link
tags: uk, waste disposal
Hundreds of tonnes of waste, including human body parts, had accumulated.

13 October 2018 | Link
tags: death penalty, law, washington state
The State Supreme Court said that the death penalty was 'racially biased'

Xavier Symons | 13 October 2018 | Link
tags: mental health, msf, refugees
MSF has called for the immediate evacuation of asylum seekers from the island

06 October 2018 | Link
tags: reproductive revolution, sperm donation
Could be the world’s most prolific father

06 October 2018 | Link
tags: hiv, organ donation, south africa
A South African mother has donated a liver to her infant son

06 October 2018 | Link
tags: euthanasia, world medical association
A number of other nations have opposed change

06 October 2018 | Link
tags: capital punishment, death penalty
A prisoner on death row in Alabama may not remember a murder he committed in 1985

06 October 2018 | Link
tags: transgender fertility, uk
Human rights versus bottom line

06 October 2018 | Link
tags: academic publishing, ethics of publishing, open access publishing
Many academics do not understand how the system works

Xavier Symons | 05 October 2018 | Link
tags: australia, law, suicide
The man stood to gain A$1.4 million in life insurance.

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