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29 April 2017 | Link
tags: artificial wombs, ectogenesis
US researchers are close to an artificial womb for extremely premature babies

29 April 2017 | Link
tags: disability, down syndrome
Life expectancy has risen steeply

29 April 2017 | Link
tags: ivf, lgbt bioethics, parenthood, queer bioethics
Why should they settle for anything less than heterosexual couples?

29 April 2017 | Link
tags: bioethics, medical ethics, nazi doctors
There was no lack of ethical training in the Nazi era

29 April 2017 | Link
tags: belgium, catholic church, euthanasia
From now on it will be difficult to find a psychiatric hospital where euthanasia is not offered

27 April 2017 | Link
tags: assisted suicide, euthanasia, ezekiel emanuel
Ezekiel Emanuel says that pain is not the the reason people ask doctors to end their lives

26 April 2017 | Link
tags: conscience, conscientious objection, sweden
Ellinor Grimmark has had to move to Norway to find work

Xavier Symons | 22 April 2017 | Link
tags: transplant ethics, transplant surgery, uterus transplant
New innovations in organ transplantation pose unique problems for bioethicists.

Xavier Symons | 22 April 2017 | Link
tags: assisted dying, euthanasia, netherlands
Deaths by euthanasia increased 10% in the Netherlands in 2016, according to a new report.

Xavier Symons | 22 April 2017 | Link
tags: abortion, india, one-child policy, population control
The Indian state of Assam may enact a strict 'two child policy' in response to concerns about rapid population growth in the region.

22 April 2017 | Link
tags: belgium, euthanasia, organ donor euthanasia
There are some limitations, so the idea needs to be refined.

22 April 2017 | Link
tags: fake news, ivf, media
IVF parents discover that they are TWINS!!!!!!

22 April 2017 | Link
tags: commercialization, commodification, fake news, sperm donation
He may have plans for a dyslexic sperm bank.

21 April 2017 | Link
tags: australia, family balancing, ivf, sex selection
IVF industry angry at conservative approach

14 April 2017 | Link
tags: crispr, genetic engineering
Released this week, "Change Agent" is a sci-fi thriller about genetic modification

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