After half an hour, it all feels totally normal in Hollywood

Hollywood tittle-tattle is not the most reliable source, but, like all tittle-tattle, it’s fascinating. And possibly true. Hollywood Reporter is running a story about “23 Hollywood moms with same sperm donor and one crazy vacation”. Its upshot is that 15 children in and around Hollywood have the same sperm-donor father whom they cannot possibly meet until they are 18, at the earliest.

The article focuses on Sarah Fain, a TV writer-producer for The Shield and The Vampire Diaries. She decided to become a single mother and bought sperm from a clinic. "It's like online dating, only you don't have to have a relationship with the person," she said. "It's not: 'What if this is the love of my life?' It's: 'This person doesn't have Alzheimer's in their genetic history.' "

Later on, when she brought two-year-old Violet to day care, she discovered that at least two of the other children looked remarkably like her. She went to her sperm donor Facebook group and discovered that they were two of the 15 offspring of Mr X.

Now they all have dinner every Sunday. "They're my family," says Fain. In September, the Facebook group rented a vacation house. "Talk about crazy — there were 12 2-year-olds," says Fain, who adds: "It's one of those things that feels incredibly bizarre for half an hour. Then it feels totally normal."

Presumably the 23 moms are 11 lesbian couples and Ms Fain, a single mother. 

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