1 May 2016 |
tags: euthanasia for children, Netherlands
Government to fund study

30 Apr 2016 |
tags: ethics, medicine and the humanities
What did Will have to say about medicine and health?

30 Apr 2016 |
tags: circumcision, UK
Let them choose for themselves

30 Apr 2016 |
tags: assisted suicide, Canada, euthanasia, indigenous peoples, suicide
Suicide crisis in remote towns highlights need for caution

30 Apr 2016 |
tags: CRISPR, genetic engineering
There are risks, but it could save lives

23 Apr 2016 |
tags: Canada, conscience, conscientious objection, euthanasia
As Canada prepares to legalise euthanasia, an influential bioethicist dismisses appeals to conscience

23 Apr 2016 |
tags: donor anonymity, gamete donation, sperm donation
Genetic databases will enable people to connect with the parents they never knew

22 Apr 2016 |
tags: child sexual abuse, surrogacy, surrogate motherhood
Australian man fathered twins in order to abuse them

22 Apr 2016 |
tags: bioethics journals, publication ethics
Swedish blog lists most reputable journals

21 Apr 2016 |
tags: bioethics, bioethics education
Manhattan NGO has organised two programs, in New York and Dubrovnik

16 Apr 2016 |
tags: China, CRISPR, genetical engineering, stem cell research

16 Apr 2016 |
tags: Canada, gendercide, India, missing girls
Indian immigrants bring sex-selection with them.

16 Apr 2016 |
tags: anonymous sperm donation, genetic sexual attraction, human drama, incest, sperm donation
Tabloid press in UK feature story of adopted son and long-lost mum

15 Apr 2016 |
tags: fertility, fertility education, IVF, UK

15 Apr 2016 |
tags: assisted dying, Australia, euthanasia
Criticises cowardly politicians.

9 Apr 2016 |
tags: clinical trials, paedophilia, research ethics, Sweden
A randomised trial raises ethical complications

9 Apr 2016 |
tags: eugenics, nudging, welfare state
A British academic has created a storm of controversy over his proposal to reduce the welfare-dependent population

8 Apr 2016 |
tags: IVF, Russia, surrogacy
IVF and Russian money do not mix well

8 Apr 2016 |
tags: embryo research, Italy
Constitutional Court rules that embryos are too precious to be used in research.

8 Apr 2016 |
tags: eugenics, Francis Crick, UK
Why has Britain's scientific establishment named its new research institute after a eugenicist?

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