20 Aug 2016 |
tags: cadaver donations, cremation, donating bodies to science, respect for cadavers
Rising cost of burials could be responsible

20 Aug 2016 |
tags: bioethics, editorial ethics, nejm
Leading medical journal refuses to back down from controversial article

20 Aug 2016 |
tags: india, surrogacy, surrogate motherhood
Three women tel the BBC of the sorrow of separation

20 Aug 2016 |
tags: assisted suicide, euthanasia, right-to-die
A crowded calendar

18 Aug 2016 |
tags: documentaries, euthanasia, netherlands
The major protagonists in the campaign for legalisation explain their views

13 Aug 2016 |
tags: belgium, euthanasia, olympics, paralympics, rio 2016, wim distelmans
Marieke Vervoort has become an ambassador for the right-to-die movement

12 Aug 2016 |
tags: human embryonic stem cells, stem cells
MIT Technology Review expresses some scepticism

12 Aug 2016 |
tags: assisted suicide, euthanasia
If not, what reasons will be advanced next?

12 Aug 2016 |
tags: china, informed consent, medical paternalism
The case of the accidental haemorrhoid operation.

12 Aug 2016 |
tags: artificial insemination, florida, ivf, older mothers
A Florida woman boasted of her late IVF pregnancy. Now her toddler has beaten her infant daughter to death.

6 Aug 2016 |
tags: chimeras, stem cell research
Ban on funding may be lifted by January

6 Aug 2016 |
tags: disability, eugenics, japan
Killer wanted to reduce the burden on society

6 Aug 2016 |
tags: ivf, ivf mixup
After lots of bad publicity, the peak body reacts

6 Aug 2016 |
tags: cosmetic surgery, enhancement, human enhancement, x-men
Americans are sceptical of human enhancement

6 Aug 2016 |
tags: australia, ivf, older mothers, post-menopausal pregnancies
Is it "selfish"?

25 Jun 2016 |
tags: animal rights, animal welfare, bioethics
Oxford don tries living as a badger to expand his horizons

25 Jun 2016 |
tags: assisted dying, bma, uk
Fails to surface in the media

25 Jun 2016 |
tags: altruistic surrogacy, canada, commercial surrogacy, surrogacy
Getting in touch with your inner earth mother goddess

25 Jun 2016 |
tags: utilitarianism
A practical application of utilitarian theory spurned by the public

25 Jun 2016 |
tags: china, falun gong, organ trafficking, stem cell research, stem cell tourism
Confusing signals from China over stem cells and organ transplants

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