29 Aug 2015 |
tags: Australia, sex selection
NHMRC has called for public comment on new guidelines for IVF clinics

29 Aug 2015 |
tags: assisted suicide, Australia, euthanasia, Exit International, Philip Nitschke
Disinherited in favour of euthanasia activist

29 Aug 2015 |
tags: China, stem cell business, stem cell tourism
Government hopes to crack down on rogue clinics.

29 Aug 2015 |
tags: abortion, Down syndrome, US
Abortion and Down syndrome are on the agenda for presidential hopefuls.

29 Aug 2015 |
tags: bioethics, book reviews, UK
First in-depth study of how bioethicists shaped policy

26 Aug 2015 |
tags: interviews, Journal of Medical Ethics, Julian Savulescu
The editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics discusses the fraught job of editing a leading journal.

23 Aug 2015 |
tags: commercialization, medicalization
But is “hypoactive sexual desire disorder” a real condition, or marketing hype?

22 Aug 2015 |
tags: assisted suicide, Jains, santhara, suicide
A court has declared a sacred practice unconstitutional.

22 Aug 2015 |
tags: abortion, Planned Parenthood
Revelations about its foetal tissue sales have opened it to attacks from politicians.

16 Aug 2015 |
tags: force-feeding, hunger strike, Israel
A Palestinian activist is near death, placing the Israeli government in a quandary.

15 Aug 2015 |
tags: Arthur Caplan, Belgium, euthanasia, Nether, slippery slope
Data from Belgium and the Netherlands are alarming, says Art Caplan

15 Aug 2015 |
tags: Belgium, Netherlands
One in 20 deaths in Flanders is from euthanasia

15 Aug 2015 |
tags: euthanasia, Peter Singer
Civil but sharp-edged.

15 Aug 2015 |
tags: Groningen Protocol, infant euthanasia, Netherlands
The notorious Groningen Protocol is rarely being used.

15 Aug 2015 |
tags: assisted suicide, Church of England, euthanasia, suffering
A “profoundly Christian and moral thing”, according to Lord Carey.

15 Aug 2015 |
tags: altruistic donation, egg donation, eggsploitation
Documentary focuses on risks for altruistic donors

15 Aug 2015 |
tags: gender reassignment, genital reconstruction, informed consent, intersex
They allege that their adopted child was unable to give consent to genital reconstruction.

9 Aug 2015 |
tags: bioethics, United States
A decade after the great stem cell debates, America is still "liberal"

9 Aug 2015 |
tags: euthanasia, Philip Nitschke
The euthanasia activist is getting bad reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

9 Aug 2015 |
tags: Nepal, organ donation, organ market, organ trafficking
Claims that they are too weak to work and rebuild their homes

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