19 Jul 2014 |
tags: bioethics, ethics committees, public health
The crisis in the the US Veterans Affairs Department is fundamentally a crisis of ethics, according to the former hospital ethicist at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

18 Jul 2014 |
tags: bureaucracies, ethics committees

18 Jul 2014 |
tags: assisted suicide, euthanasia
A group of five academics from Switzerland and the UK have come up with a novel idea to keep the incidence of euthanasia from rising rapidly.

18 Jul 2014 |
tags: peer review
Peer review is supposed to protect us against junk science. But what happens if the peer review is junk science?

18 Jul 2014 |
tags: Belgium, euthanasia, Wim Distelmans
Belgium’s foremost practitioner of euthanasia who is also the head of the government euthanasia regulator has become collateral damage in the debate across the Channel.

16 Jul 2014 |
tags: bioethics, films
What a blockbuster teaches us about bioethics.

12 Jul 2014 |
tags: Bill Gates, contraception, hacking, privacy
Would the device be safe and unhackable?

12 Jul 2014 |
tags: archaelogy, Down syndrome
Not stigmatised by community, say researchers.

12 Jul 2014 |
tags: bioethics, bioethics credentials, Canada, credentialism
The CIRH puts its point of view.

12 Jul 2014 |
tags: eugenics, Nikola Tesla
He thought that the unfit should be sterilized.

5 Jul 2014 |
tags: bioethics, bioethics credentials, Canada
The bioethics community in Canada is enraged at the Harper Government’s refusal to appoint a strong and formally credentialed leader.

5 Jul 2014 |
tags: informed consent, sperm retrieval
Is it ethical to remove sperm from a dead body without consent?

5 Jul 2014 |
tags: ECHR, France, gay parenting, surrogacy
Surrogacy may be banned in France, but it must recognise children born to surrogate parents abroad, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

5 Jul 2014 |
tags: Nature, research misconduct, retractions, stem cells
Nature has retracted a paper and a letter, both published in January, which claimed that physical perturbation of cells could create genetic effects.

5 Jul 2014 |
tags: bioethics
Predictions of a Ragnarök for bioethics surface regularly in academic journals.

5 Jul 2014 |
tags: assisted suicide, BMJ, England and Wales
"The BMJ hopes that this bill will eventually become law… Let us hope that our timid lawmakers will rise to the challenge.”

28 Jun 2014 |
tags: artificial gametes, parenthood
“And when Rachel saw that she bare Jacob no children, she said unto Jacob, Give me children, or else I die.”

28 Jun 2014 |
tags: clinical trials, informed consent, prisoners
Prisoners are being unfairly excluded from taking part in potentially beneficial clinical research, argue researchers in the JME.

27 Jun 2014 |
tags: artificial nutrition and hydration, euthanasia, France
Euthanasia is once more on the front page of French newspapers with two high-profile case in the courts.

27 Jun 2014 |
tags: animal rights, fish
Review of mental ability shows fish are on par with most animals

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