28 Feb 2015 |
tags: contraceptive pill
Why don't we know more about the neurological effects of the contraceptive Pill?

28 Feb 2015 |
tags: bioethics, religion
The notion that religious convictions have no place in medicine or bioethics is widespread and growing.

28 Feb 2015 |
tags: head transplants
Head transplants are a familiar theme in B-grade sci fi films which lends itself to an infinitude of excruciating puns.

28 Feb 2015 |
tags: confidentiality, gun control, psychiatrists
The debate over psychiatrists’ confidentiality in treating people with mental illness has revived.

21 Feb 2015 |
tags: assisted suicide, Colombia, euthanasia
The assisted suicide of American woman Brittany Maynard last year may have tipped Colombia into legalising euthanasia.

21 Feb 2015 |
tags: surrogacy
Two New Zealand academics have proposed that surrogacy become a profession like nursing or teaching which is fully integrated into the health system.

21 Feb 2015 |
tags: paternity, same-sex marriage
A legally-married lesbian couple in New Jersey are fighting requests for visitation rights from their two children’s biological fathers.

21 Feb 2015 |
tags: cloning, Hwang Woo-suk
One of the world’s leading stem cell scientists has entered a partnership with the disgraced Korean researcher Hwang Woo-suk.

15 Feb 2015 |
tags: ART relationships, IVF, new frontiers
A Valentine’s Day story from the British press.

14 Feb 2015 |
tags: nudging, obesity, public health
If you are a fat, unemployed Brit, a long Lent lies before you.

13 Feb 2015 |
tags: ethics of war, Gaza, Israel, war crimes
Independent investigators commissioned by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel have concluded last year’s war in Gaza involved “several serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law”

13 Feb 2015 |
tags: assisted suicide, right-to-die, suicide
“Suicide” evokes nooses, bridges, bullets and 20-storey buildings, a depressing panorama for assisted-suicide activists. How about "dignicide"?

13 Feb 2015 |
tags: three-parent embryos
Some American bioethicists immediately took to the media to promote the technique.

13 Feb 2015 |
tags: assisted suicide, Canada, conscientious objection
It's shaping up as a major issue among doctors in Canada after last week’s Supreme Court ruling which legalised it.

7 Feb 2015 |
tags: cosmetic surgery, UK
The Royal College of Surgeons is sick and tired of horror stories and unqualified doctors.

7 Feb 2015 |
tags: public policy, science
A Pew report finds significant differences in views on 13 science-related issues

7 Feb 2015 |
tags: assisted suicide, Canada
Prohibiting assisted suicide is unconstitutional and a violation of the country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

7 Feb 2015 |
tags: care.data, Nuffield Council on Bioethics, privacy
A government review has found that the existing privacy framework in the UK needs major revision.

7 Feb 2015 |
tags: IVF, three-parent embryos, UK
Bill passes by a vote of 382 to 128. How did scientists win the PR battle?

31 Jan 2015 |
tags: torture
Three bioethicists who give a tick to torture.

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