Xavier Symons

Xavier Symons is a Masters student in philosophy at Sydney University and has a keen interest in bioethics. Aside from his studies he enjoys playing guitar and reading American literature. He has contributed to a number of online publications, in addition to his work with BioEdge.

Xavier Symons | 16 Aug 2014 |
tags: gendercide, India, sex-selective abortion
A major report on sex-ratios and abortion in India gives detailed background on the scourge of gendercide.

Xavier Symons | 15 Aug 2014 |
tags: compassionate use, Ebola
The WHO has endorsed the use of untested Ebola vaccines on patients infected with the disease.

Xavier Symons | 15 Aug 2014 |
tags: Kosovo, organ trafficking
An EU investigation into criminal activity during the 1999 Kosovo war has found that several Serbian soldiers were killed by Albanian militants for the purposes of organ trafficking.

Xavier Symons | 9 Aug 2014 |
tags: genetic engineering, hedonistic imperative, utilitarianism
Many sci-fi novels consider what life would be like without suffering. Philosopher David Pearce believes we can have such a life - and indeed, that we have a moral imperative to pursue it.

Xavier Symons | 8 Aug 2014 |
tags: surrogacy, surrogacy law, Thailand
New surrogacy regulations introduced by the Thai junta government have placed hundreds of surrogate newborns and fetuses in a legal limbo.

Xavier Symons | 8 Aug 2014 |
tags: designer babies, IVF, racism
A Canadian fertility clinic has come under intense scrutiny for refusing to provide IVF for parents of different races.

Xavier Symons | 8 Aug 2014 |
tags: social priming, social psychology
Debate over social priming research has intensified following an inquiry into the replicability of priming experiments.

Xavier Symons | 8 Aug 2014 |
tags: Iran, organ markets, organ trafficking, organ transplantation
The peak body overseeing Iran’s kidney trade is lobbying the government for tighter regulation on foreign nationals procuring kidney transplants.

Xavier Symons | 1 Aug 2014 |
tags: climate change, existential risk, geoengineering
In a recent Practical Ethics post, Oxford bioethicist Julian Savulescu defended the notion of geoengineering, suggesting that it could be the only way to combat climate change.

Xavier Symons | 1 Aug 2014 |
tags: Facebook, informed consent, research ethics
After the flurry of criticism for the now infamous Facebook ‘social contagion’ study, bioethicists are defending its authors.

Xavier Symons | 1 Aug 2014 |
tags: abortion, healthcare, negligence
An Indian woman has lost her baby after doctors accidentally administered an abortifacient.

Xavier Symons | 1 Aug 2014 |
tags: clinical trials, compassionate use
When should pharmaceutical companies grant compassionate use of experimental treatments? How readily available should the drugs be? A PBS news segment considers these issues.

Xavier Symons | 25 Jul 2014 |
tags: clinical practice, professional standards
An ongoing debate amongst physicians has broken into academic discourse – should doctors dress formally for clinical practice?

Xavier Symons | 25 Jul 2014 |
tags: death penalty
Another botched execution in the USA has reignited debate over the death penalty.

Xavier Symons | 25 Jul 2014 |
tags: euthanasia, Philip Nitschke, professional misconduct
Australian euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has been suspended from the medical register as an investigation continues into his involvement in the death of a 45 year old Australian man.

Xavier Symons | 18 Jul 2014 |
tags: informed consent
In a recent Hastings Centre Report article, bioethicist Barbara A. Koenig argues stridently against traditional informed consent models for genetic testing. Koenig believes that the ‘full disclosure’ model of informed consent is impracticable

Xavier Symons | 18 Jul 2014 |
tags: clinical ethics, clinical trials, stem cells
A Portuguese stem-cell trial gone wrong has resulted in a woman developing a nasal growth on her back.

Xavier Symons | 18 Jul 2014 |
tags: anthrax, public health
A prestigious international group of scientists has called for a limit on the creation of potential pandemic pathogens (PPPs).

Xavier Symons | 18 Jul 2014 |
tags: ivf, sex selection
Thailand has become a top tourist destination for women seeking gender-selective IVF. The country is one of just three that permit gender selection – the other two are the US and South Africa – and it offers the most affordable procedures.

Xavier Symons | 12 Jul 2014 |
tags: assisted suicide, UK
Criticism of Lord Falconer’s assisted suicide bill is mounting as the proposed legislation returns to the House of Lords. Public figures are arguing that it would put elderly citizens at risk and may escalate to a Netherlands-style euthanasia epidemic.

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