Xavier Symons

Xavier Symons is a Masters student in philosophy at Sydney University and has a keen interest in bioethics. Aside from his studies he enjoys playing guitar and reading American literature. He has contributed to a number of online publications, in addition to his work with BioEdge.

Xavier Symons | 21 Feb 2015 |
tags: allocation of resources, intuitionism, rescue medicine
How do our rescue intuitions apply to clinical practice, questions an ethicist in this month's edition of AJOB.

Xavier Symons | 21 Feb 2015 |
tags: genethics, incidental findings, precision medicine, privacy
A new US government healthcare initiative calls for ethical reflection, says a well-known bioethicist.

Xavier Symons | 21 Feb 2015 |
tags: euthanasia, existential suffering, the Netherlands
Around one in three Dutch doctors would be prepared to help someone with a psychological illness die, says a new JME study.

Xavier Symons | 14 Feb 2015 |
tags: euthanasia, Netherlands
A Dutch euthanasia clinic cautioned by authorities has experienced a massive leap in patients requesting euthanasia.

Xavier Symons | 14 Feb 2015 |
tags: healthcare rationing, Ukraine, warfare
More than politics is at stake in negotiations over a ceasefire between Ukraine and separatist rebels – healthcare in the affected regions is in a dire state.

Xavier Symons | 14 Feb 2015 |
tags: Greece, healthcare rationing, informal employment
As the Greek health system buckles under economic pressure, patients are taking desperate measures to ensure basic care.

Xavier Symons | 14 Feb 2015 |
tags: human rights, minors, tobacco
Human rights groups have expressed grave concern about the employment of young children on tobacco farms around the US.

Xavier Symons | 7 Feb 2015 |
tags: assisted suicide, Belgium, euthanasia, palliative care, physician assisted death
A group of researchers have produced an empirical study of the effect of physician assisted death on palliative care.

Xavier Symons | 7 Feb 2015 |
tags: civil liberties, conscientious objection, politics, vaccination
A major outbreak of measles in California has ignited a huge debate over compulsory vaccination in the US.

Xavier Symons | 7 Feb 2015 |
tags: big data, privacy, security
US healthcare provider Anthem Inc. has come under fire for failing to protect confidential health data

Xavier Symons | 31 Jan 2015 |
tags: elder abuse, elderly care, power of attorney
NY nursing homes have been accused of using guardianship petitions to setting overdue bills.

Xavier Symons | 31 Jan 2015 |
tags: action theory, biolaw, euthanasia, withdrawal of life support
Is withdrawal of life sustaining treatment killing?

Xavier Symons | 31 Jan 2015 |
tags: euthanasia, family, life sustaining treatment, palliative care, withdrawal of life support
Families are ambivalent and torn when contemplating the withdrawing life sustaining treatment.

Xavier Symons | 24 Jan 2015 |
tags: libertarianism, synthetic biology, synthetic life
One San Francisco geek is set on 'democratising creation'.

Xavier Symons | 24 Jan 2015 |
tags: death penalty, Oklahoma, USA
The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to hear a case on the constitutionality of a new execution method being used in Oklahoma correctional facilities.

Xavier Symons | 24 Jan 2015 |
tags: China, gender ratio, population control
China's government has made its strongest statement yet about gender imbalance.

Xavier Symons | 17 Jan 2015 |
tags: conflict of interest, scientific journalism
Should we always blame the journalist for poor science reporting? Perhaps not, according to a new BMJ study.

Xavier Symons | 20 Dec 2014 |
tags: animal rights, law, personhood
The argument about non-human personhood has surfaced once again – this time in a New York State Supreme Court.

Xavier Symons | 20 Dec 2014 |
tags: euthanasia, neo-natal euthanasia, terminal sedation, Udo Schuklenk
Bioethicist Udo Schuklenk has come under fire following the publication of a conference paper in which he advocated neonatal euthanasia in certain extreme circumstances.

Xavier Symons | 13 Dec 2014 |
tags: politics and bioethics, transhumanism
Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan answers some tricky questions from his critics.

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