Xavier Symons

Xavier Symons is a Masters student in philosophy at Sydney University and has a keen interest in bioethics. Aside from his studies he enjoys playing guitar and reading American literature. He has contributed to a number of online publications, in addition to his work with BioEdge.

Xavier Symons | 25 Oct 2014 |
tags: ethics committees, ethics consulting
ethicists in the US are creating independent ‘ethics consulting’ services for healthcare professionals and scientists.

Xavier Symons | 25 Oct 2014 |
tags: Ebola, Hippocratic Oath, hospital safety
At least three US hospital systems are currently considering whether they withhold certain treatments from Ebola patients.

Xavier Symons | 24 Oct 2014 |
tags: assisted suicide, Scotland
British Anti-euthanasia group Care Not Killing (CNK) has launched a major online campaign intended to derail a new assisted-suicide (AS) bill being debated in the Scottish parliament.

Xavier Symons | 24 Oct 2014 |
tags: adult stem cells
Stem cell scientists say we could soon treat a huge range of nervous system conditions.

Xavier Symons | 18 Oct 2014 |
tags: Ebola, quarantine
Bioethicists are debating the ethics of quarantine as governments around the world move to contain the spread of Ebola.

Xavier Symons | 18 Oct 2014 |
tags: Ebola, hysteria, social psychology
As the Ebola outbreak grows in scale – with cases now reported in Spain and the US – experts are becoming increasingly concerned about public hysteria.

Xavier Symons | 18 Oct 2014 |
tags: Animal rights, bestiality, Denmark
Denmark plans to ban bestiality – a practice that has long been illegal in other European nations.

Xavier Symons | 17 Oct 2014 |
tags: egg freezing, informed consent
With egg freezing rapidly becoming a fashionable and convenient reproductive option, the Harvard Law review has published a circumspect article on the dangers of this form of fertility preservation.

Xavier Symons | 11 Oct 2014 |
tags: dead donor rule
A study in the Journal of Medical Ethics claims that the US public is in favour of waiving the dead donor rule in certain circumstances.

Xavier Symons | 11 Oct 2014 |
tags: infertility, womb transplant
A woman in Sweden has become the first person to give birth after a womb transplant.

Xavier Symons | 11 Oct 2014 |
tags: end of life, end-of-life care
A new book published by best-selling author Atul Gawande presents a strident criticism of aged and palliative care in the US.

Xavier Symons | 11 Oct 2014 |
tags: assisted suicide, media ethics, Oregon
A young terminally ill woman in the US has reignited assisted suicide debate by publishing a video online describing her plans to take her own life.

Xavier Symons | 12 Sep 2014 |
tags: disability, law, moral psychology, South Africa
Oscar Pistorius has been told that disability is not a defence. He has been cleared of murder, but may be given a lengthy sentence for manslaughter.

Xavier Symons | 12 Sep 2014 |
tags: crime, research fraud, scientific misconduct
Scientific misconduct is bad, but should it be a crime? One high profile academic says yes.

Xavier Symons | 12 Sep 2014 |
tags: Canada, China, human dignity, plastination
A human rights group is calling on Canadian authorities to investigate the possible use of executed Chinese prisoners in an exhibition of ‘plastinated’ corpses.

Xavier Symons | 12 Sep 2014 |
tags: euthanasia, films, Israel
A new Israeli film attempts to offer a humorous look at euthanasia.

Xavier Symons | 11 Sep 2014 |
tags: IVF, medication, public health
Women are putting their lives in danger by purchasing illegal IVF drugs from the online auction site EBay.

Xavier Symons | 5 Sep 2014 |
tags: identity, sperm donation
There are calls for a change in birth certificate regulations after a woman conceived by sperm donation had her adopted father erased as parent.

Xavier Symons | 5 Sep 2014 |
tags: memory, mental illness, neuroscience
Scientists from MIT say they have managed to manipulate ‘good’ and ‘bad’ memories in mice, in a study that may have significant impact on research into human memory alteration.

Xavier Symons | 5 Sep 2014 |
tags: hospital care, parental rights
Young British brain tumour survivor Ashya King has been reunited with his parents after they were released from a Madrid jail.

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