Savulescu and Harris debate enhancing morality

Michael Cook | 07 December 2012 |
tags: enhancement, Julian Savulescu, utilitarianism
Two utilitarians slug it out over enhancing morality.

Is it better to be minimally conscious than vegetative?

Michael Cook | 07 September 2012 |
tags: consciousness, permanent vegetative state, utilitarianism
The interesting question posed by two Oxford utilitarians, Dominic Wilkinson and Julian Savulescu in the Journal of Medical Ethics recently is this: “Is it better to be minimally conscious than vegetative?”

Is prostitution harmful? Nope, says Journal of Medical Ethics

Michael Cook | 01 September 2012 |
tags: prostitution, utilitarianism

Parents can have a duty to use IVF, say bioethicists

Michael Cook | 13 April 2012 |
tags: IVF, PGD, utilitarianism
Yet another controversial utilitarian proposal has popped up in the March issue of the American Journal of Bioethics. Two bioethicists contend that some parents are morally obligated to use pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to create a healthy baby.

Fallout continues from infanticide article

Michael Cook | 19 March 2012 |
tags: after-birth abortion, bioethics, infanticide, utilitarianism
The fallout from the “after-birth abortion” article in the Journal of Medical Ethics continues.

Yet another Modest Proposal: save the world from climate change by genetically engineering your kids

Michael Cook | 17 March 2012 |
tags: climate change, enhancement, utilitarianism
Modest proposals, in sense given the phrase by the great 18th century satirist Jonathan Swift, are flavour of the month in the bioethics community.

Ethicists give thumbs-up to infanticide

Michael Cook | 25 February 2012 |
tags: abortion, after-birth abortion, personhood, utilitarianism
If abortion, why not infanticide? This leading question is often treated as a canard by supporters of abortion. However, it is seriously argued by two Italian utilitarians and published online in the prestigious Journal of Medical Ethics this week.

Waste not, want not

Michael Cook | 19 November 2011 |
tags: organ donation, utilitarianism
The editor of the leading journal Bioethics, Udo Schulenk regards capital punishment as a “barbaric practice”, it seems a shame to waste potentially life-saving organs of executed Chinese prisoners. It is a classic example of utilitarian reasoning.

Musings from Peter Singer on the death penalty

Michael Cook | 27 October 2011 |
tags: death penalty, Peter Singer, utilitarianism
Somewhat surprisingly, on utilitarian grounds Peter Singer defends the possibility of imposing the death penalty. At this moment, there exists no situation in which it is needed, even for those convicted of genocide. Theoretically, however, there is nothing wrong with it:

Bioethics for your smart phone

Michael Cook | 04 June 2011 |
tags: bioethics, utilitarianism
If you are a fan of Philosophy Bites, the addictive podcast site featuring intelligent 15-minute interviews with professional philosophers about their work, you should like Bio-Ethics Bites. This features leading bioethicists speaking with Nigel Warburton & David Edmonds team.

UK drug addicts bribed to be sterilized

Michael Cook | 22 October 2010 |
tags: sterilization, utilitarianism
American woman exports her scheme

Kill the carnivores, says animal rights philosopher

Michael Cook | 25 September 2010 |
tags: animal rights, Peter Singer, utilitarianism
They cause too much suffering

Peter Singer muses on the meaning of life

Michael Cook | 17 June 2010 |
tags: meaning of life, Peter Singer, utilitarianism
Controversy in New York Times
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