Debate over history of US Christian bioethics

Michael Cook | 27 September 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics, Christian bioethics
One of the puzzling features of bioethics is that its “founders” were nearly all Christians, but Christian bioethics has become a marginal interest. Why?

Veterans Affairs scandal stems from a crisis of ethics: bioethicist

Michael Cook | 19 July 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics, ethics committees, public health
The crisis in the the US Veterans Affairs Department is fundamentally a crisis of ethics, according to the former hospital ethicist at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Transforming ethics this summer

Michael Cook | 16 July 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics, films
What a blockbuster teaches us about bioethics.

Government responds to Canadian bioethicists’ complaint

Michael Cook | 12 July 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics, bioethics credentials, Canada, credentialism
The CIRH puts its point of view.

Canadian bioethicists sunk in dejection over government inaction

Michael Cook | 05 July 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics, bioethics credentials, Canada
The bioethics community in Canada is enraged at the Harper Government’s refusal to appoint a strong and formally credentialed leader.

Is a day of doom looming for bioethics?

Michael Cook | 05 July 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics
Predictions of a Ragnarök for bioethics surface regularly in academic journals.

Are philosophers sceptical of bioethics?

Michael Cook | 03 May 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics
A junior bioethics scholar has vented her frustration about her job search in the blog.

New journal for law and bioethics

Xavier Symons | 22 March 2014 | Comments
tags: bioethics, bioethics journals
A new journal has been launched, Law and the Biosciences.

Provocative new series in Journal of Medical Ethics

Michael Cook | 14 December 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, death, Journal of Medical Ethics
The Journal of Medical Ethics is constantly innovating in the selection and presentation of its material. The latest feature is “Author Meets Critics”, a series in which authors present the principal arguments of a recent book, and then respond to a handful of critics.

Feeding the media beast

Michael Cook | 23 November 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, media
How should bioethicists engage with media? Gingerly, says Dr Syd Johnson, of Michigan Technological University, in an essay on the Impact Ethics blog.

Bioethics is tough; why not abolish it?

Michael Cook | 19 October 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, moral abolitionism
Moral abolitionists want to do away with morality altogether.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most impactuous of all?

Michael Cook | 03 August 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, bioethics journals, impact factor
Which is the most influential journal in bioethics?

Peering into the future of bioethics

Michael Cook | 29 June 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, sex-selective abortion
The president of the International Association of Bioethics tackles sex-selective abortion.

A new voice in bioethical debates

Michael Cook | 23 June 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, journals
Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at Oxford University is launching an open-source journal dealing with the application of philosophy to public policy

Vale Edmund Pellegrino

Michael Cook | 15 June 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, bioethics commissions
Edmund Pellegrino, a “conservative” bioethicist who won the respect of colleagues of all persuasions, died this week at the age of 92.

Climate change is a bioethics issue, too

Michael Cook | 08 June 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, climate change
Adventurous bioethicists seem to be continually pushing back the frontiers of their discipline. The latest conquest, or at least challenge, is climate change

Ethicists no more moral than other professionals, says new study

Xavier Symons | 01 June 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, medical ethics, professional integrity, professional standards
Ethicists like to think of themselves as morally good people. But a recent article in the journal Metaphilosophy questions this.

Are medical students ethically illiterate?

Xavier Symons | 01 June 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics, medical education, medical students
A recent study has indicated that medical students are not retaining the ethical terms taught to them in ethics classes.

Are bioethicists a “priestly caste”?

Michael Cook | 18 May 2013 | Comments
tags: bioethics
Is bioethics compatible with democracy? This is not a question that surfaces very often in policy debates featuring prestigious bioethicists. However, in a provocative column in The Guardian, Nathan Emmerich, a young bioethicist, asks whether bioethicists are turning into a priestly caste:

An attack on academic freedom?

Michael Cook | 04 May 2013 | Comments
tags: academic freedom, after-birth abortion, BioEdge, bioethics
Some bioethicists who feel at home in the utilitarian common room of the Journal of Medical Ethics described the imbroglio as an attack on academic freedom.

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