Lord Falconer’s assisted suicide bill under attack

Xavier Symons | 12 July 2014 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, UK
Criticism of Lord Falconer’s assisted suicide bill is mounting as the proposed legislation returns to the House of Lords. Public figures are arguing that it would put elderly citizens at risk and may escalate to a Netherlands-style euthanasia epidemic.

Supreme Court withholds judgement on assisted suicide as human right

Xavier Symons | 27 June 2014 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, human rights, UK
Britain’s Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by campaigners to have assisted suicide pronounced a human right. The appeal was made by the family of Tony Nicklinson, an assisted suicide advocate who died in 2013.

HFEA finds mitochondrial transfer ‘not unsafe’

Xavier Symons | 07 June 2014 | Comments
tags: HFEA, mitochondrial replacement, three-parent embryos, UK
The peak UK IVF regulatory body has published its findings on the controversial new procedure known as mitochondrial replacement therapy.

Is the UK too quick on the draw about 3-parent babies?

Michael Cook | 07 June 2014 | Comments
tags: genetic engineering, genetics, mitochondrial replacement, UK
Two American bioethicists have questioned the haste with which the United Kingdom is seeking to legalise mitochondrial transfer

UK abortion doctors may consult via Skype

Michael Cook | 30 May 2014 | Comments
tags: abortion, UK
Doctors in the UK will be able to give an opinion by Skype or telephone on whether a woman is eligible for a government-funded abortion, according to a clarification from the Department of Health.

Stillborn babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

Michael Cook | 29 March 2014 | Comments
tags: miscarriages, stillbirths, UK
Aborted and miscarried babies were used as heating fuel in green waste reduction programmes, according to a Channel 4 investigation

Assisted suicide is too dangerous in times of economic crisis, says disabled UK peer

Michael Cook | 13 March 2014 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Britain, euthanasia, UK
Moves to legalise assisted suicide in Britain are a threat to the disabled during a time of economic hardship, says Baroness Campbell of Surbiton, a disabled peer.

UK to press ahead with 3-parent IVF babies

Michael Cook | 02 March 2014 | Comments
tags: mitochondrial disease, three-parent embryos, UK
Chief Medical Officer announces the launch of a consultation.

UK doctors continue to oppose assisted suicide

Michael Cook | 23 February 2014 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, doctors and assisted suicide, euthanasia, UK
After an extensive consultation of its members the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in the UK will continue to oppose assisted suicide and euthanasia.

UK releases report on animals in research

Michael Cook | 08 February 2014 | Comments
tags: animal experiments, animal rights, animal welfare, UK
The government has refused to cap the number of experiments, but affirms its commitment to welfare.

British judge criticizes euthanasia law reform

Xavier Symons | 21 December 2013 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, euthanasia, UK
One of the most respected authorities on end-of-life law in Britain has warned politicians not to legalise assisted suicide.

Visiting Italian woman forced to have C-section in UK

Xavier Symons | 07 December 2013 | Comments
tags: informed consent, UK
Shocking details surfaced this week of an Italian woman who had her baby forcibly delivered whilst visiting the UK

Retiring head of UK fertility watchdog warns of IVF pain

Michael Cook | 01 November 2013 | Comments
tags: HFEA, IVF, UK
The retiring head of the UK's fertility watchdog has painted a bleak picture of the world of IVF in a column in the BBC

Politicians denounce three-parent embryos as “eugenic”

Michael Cook | 13 October 2013 | Comments
tags: mitochondrial disease, three-parent embryos, UK
Opponents of the UK’s plans to legalise “three-parent embryos” have not given up.

UK bioethicists promoting a second wave of eugenics

Michael Cook | 14 September 2013 | Comments
tags: eugenics, UK
Eugenics is alive and well in British academia.

British prosecutor declines to lay charges for sex-selective abortions

Michael Cook | 14 September 2013 | Comments
tags: abortion, gendercide, sex-selective abortion, UK
England's Crown Prosecution Service has decided not to bring to trial doctors who agreed to do illegal sex-selective abortions.

UK wife and son arrested for arranging visit to Dignitas clinic for husband

Michael Cook | 31 August 2013 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, Dignitas, UK
A 65-year-old woman from Chichester and her 25-year-old son were arrested recently on suspicion of arranging a trip to Zurich for the woman’s 71-year-old husband.

Falconer assisted suicide bill is unsafe, say British Lords

Michael Cook | 03 August 2013 | Comments
tags: assisted suicide, euthanasia, UK
A British group called Living and Dying Well, composed mostly of members of the House of Lords has produced a stern rebuttal of claims that assisted suicide is safe.

The poetry of organ donation

Michael Cook | 13 July 2013 | Comments
tags: organ donation, poetry, UK
National Transplant Week 2013 is drawing to a close in the United Kingdom -- here is a video and a poem.

Don’t the Royals have a right to genetic privacy, too?

Michael Cook | 29 June 2013 | Comments
tags: genetic privacy, UK
The London Times splashed the genetic heritage of Prince Harry and Prince William across their front page recently.

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