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14 December 2014 | Link
tags: 911, human rights, military ethics, torture
Two psychologists contracted by the CIA to create enhanced interrogation techniques for al-Qaeda detainees have come under fire for violating human rights and medical ethics.

14 December 2014 | Link
tags: Islamic State, organ trafficking
A doctor in Mosul has told Al-Monitor that a large-scale racket was being run out of local hospitals.

14 December 2014 | Link
tags: co-parenting, IVF, sperm donation
You’ve heard of hook-up sites for people who just want sex, but not marriage and kids. But sites for people who just want kids, but not marriage and sex?

14 December 2014 | Link
tags: pregnant man, transgender
Transgender studies is a field which comes up with many surprises.

13 December 2014 | Link
tags: Canada, conscience, conscientious objection
A draft policy of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario demands that physicians must provide services to prevent imminent “harm, suffering and/or deterioration,” even if doing so is contrary to their moral beliefs.

Xavier Symons | 13 December 2014 | Link
tags: politics and bioethics, transhumanism
Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan answers some tricky questions from his critics.

06 December 2014 | Link
tags: bariatric surgery, obesity, UK
A quarter of Britons are obese, fuelling a rise in cases of type 2 diabetes, as well as heart disease, fatty liver disease and cancer.

06 December 2014 | Link
tags: Peru, population control
Showcasing an interactive documentary about women and men who were sterilised in Peru in the mid-1990s by population controllers.

06 December 2014 | Link
tags: euthanasia, infant euthanasia
Two of the leading voices in bioethics go head-to-head.

Xavier Symons | 06 December 2014 | Link
tags: commercial surrogacy, surrogacy law, Thailand
Thailand’s interim parliament has voted in support of a bill to ban commercial surrogacy in the country.

Xavier Symons | 06 December 2014 | Link
tags: dead donor rule, euthanasia, organ transplantation
In a recent article in the journal Bioethics, two Oxford bioethicists provide a lucid defense of euthanasia by organ removal.

Xavier Symons | 06 December 2014 | Link
tags: capital punishment, China, organ trafficking
The harvesting of executed prisoners’ organs will end at the start of next year, says Chinese organ transplant committee chairman Huang Jiefu.

05 December 2014 | Link
tags: limitations of science, politicization of science, social psychology
The ratio of liberals to conservatives in social psychology is absurdly lopsided, says a leading academic.

November Archive

30 November 2014 | Link
tags: informed consent, scientific misconduct, stem cells
Shades of Hwang Woo-suk.

29 November 2014 | Link
tags: DNA data base, genetic privacy, Russia
Politicians from a minor nationalist party want the government to file fingerprints and DNA profiles of every Russian citizen.

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