Legal test for new surrogacy law in Thailand

Xavier Symons | 22 August 2015 | Comments
tags: law, surrogacy, Thailand
A gay couple are fighting for the right to take their newborn out of Thailand.

Swiss court refuses to recognise surrogacy

Michael Cook | 08 August 2015 | Comments
tags: same-sex parenting, surrogacy, Switzerland
Women and children are not commodities.

Nepalese surrogacy unearthed

Xavier Symons | 20 June 2015 | Comments
tags: India, Nepal, surrogacy
The devastating earthquake in Nepal last April unearthed the ongoing exploitation of young Indian migrants by surrogacy agents in Kathmandu.

Surrogacy law a child of our times

Xavier Symons | 06 June 2015 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, surrogacy law
A British lawyer has slammed Britain’s “inhumane surrogacy laws

Israel evacuates babies of surrogate mothers from devastated Nepal

Michael Cook | 16 May 2015 | Comments
tags: gay parenting, India, Israel, Nepal, surrogacy
Nepal has become a surrogacy hub.

Outsourcing embryos in India

Michael Cook | 08 May 2015 | Comments
tags: India, surrogacy
A recent Vice documentary explores the well-trodden path to shady surrogacy practices in India.

British mum becomes surrogate for son’s baby

Michael Cook | 07 March 2015 | Comments
tags: IVF, new frontiers, surrogacy
This week’s story from Britain wins the New Frontiers Award in Assisted Reproductive Technology hands down.

Thailand outlaws foreign surrogacy

Xavier Symons | 28 February 2015 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, surrogacy law, Thailand
Thailand has passed a law to outlaw the use of Thai surrogates by foreign couples.

Professionalise surrogacy, say New Zealand academics

Michael Cook | 21 February 2015 | Comments
tags: surrogacy
Two New Zealand academics have proposed that surrogacy become a profession like nursing or teaching which is fully integrated into the health system.

UK gay couple acquires 3 kids from 3 surrogates simultaneously

Michael Cook | 22 November 2014 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, UK
"When we announced we're actually having three babies of our own our families were stunned but overjoyed"

Surrogacy and citizenship

Xavier Symons | 02 November 2014 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, USA
Can American surrogate mothers ‘sell’ citizenship to parents from foreign countries?

Swedish feminists condemn surrogacy

Michael Cook | 18 October 2014 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, Sweden
Swedish feminists have issued a policy paper condemning commercial surrogacy and calling for a government ban.

Mexico, the new surrogacy hotspot

Michael Cook | 28 September 2014 | Comments
tags: Mexico, same-sex adoption, same-sex parenting, surrogacy
With India and Thailand, the destination of choice for people seeking surrogate mothers, closing their doors to foreigners, where has the market gone?

Carmel Shalev: the global trade in reproduction

Carmel Shalev | 20 September 2014 | Comments
tags: commercialization, interviews, surrogacy
An Israeli bioethicist is organising a conference on the rapidly growing market in surrogate mothers and babies.

More surrogacy abandonment stories emerge

Michael Cook | 30 August 2014 | Comments
tags: surrogacy
Aussies are not the only “heartless bastards” in the world of surrogacy.

What’s the real issue with commercial surrogacy?

Xavier Symons | 30 August 2014 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, surrogacy law, Thailand
In the wake of the recent Thai surrogacy scandals, commentators are debating how the practice of surrogacy should be reformed.

Australia could recognise multiple parents

Michael Cook | 16 August 2014 | Comments
tags: artificial reproduction, Australia, commercial surrogacy, surrogacy
Australian law could be revised to allow more than one parent, if recommendations in a major report are accepted by the government.

Thailand moves to ban surrogacy

Michael Cook | 16 August 2014 | Comments
tags: commercial surrogacy, surrogacy, Thailand
The new Thai military government is moving swiftly to crush the lucrative surrogacy industry.

The world of Chinese surrogacy

Michael Cook | 09 August 2014 | Comments
tags: China, surrogacy
This New York Times video sketches the burgeoning Chinese surrogacy industry.

New Thai laws leave hundreds of babies in limbo

Xavier Symons | 08 August 2014 | Comments
tags: surrogacy, surrogacy law, Thailand
New surrogacy regulations introduced by the Thai junta government have placed hundreds of surrogate newborns and fetuses in a legal limbo.

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